About this blog

Note – this is my old blog on data center virtualization and cloud related technologies.
My current blog about technology entrepreneurship and start-up is here.

Virtual Fluffy Clouds is managed and mostly written by Yoav Dembak with occasional contributions from colleagues and friends.

Yoav is the co-founder of B-hive (where he served as a CEO until its acquisition by VMware in July 2008).

 Over the last 15 years Yoav has been involved in various early-stage companies as a founder, investor and employee. His experience spans various early stage ventures ranging from a special ops unit in the IDF to the first satellite internet provider to datacenter automation software.

Following the acquisition of B-hive Networks (in which he was a co-founder and CEO) by VMware, Inc. in 2008, Yoav is investing in early stage companies. Among his recent investments are an online music gaming company (JamLegend), a skateboarding community web app and a next-gen client OS provider. Yoav is an avid skater for over 20 years and his thoughts on tech entrepreneurship can be found in his blog (yoavdembak.wordpress.com/).

The postings on this site are my own and do not represent VMware’s positions, strategies or opinions


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